Thanksgiving is fast approaching – Treat Yourself to a New Dress For Turkey Day!


The holiday season is a great time to get dressed up and is a perfect excuse to buy a new dress.

Whether you are having a Friendsgiving or plan on travelling to see family, big or small, you should always aim to look classy for the day and the pictures. What is Thanksgiving without the four F’s: Food, Family, Football, and Fashion?

I’m here to help with some dress ideas so your outfit will be appreciated as much as the turkey and pie!

Here are my Thanksgiving holiday dress rules:

1. Choose something appropriate for other occasions – Buying a dress you will only wear once is a waste; think about other outfits you can create from your statement piece before you purchase it.

2. Choose something you will feel comfortable wearing all day, and eating lots in – something skin tight may not be practical.

3. Choose something “on trend, ” but classy. You want an acceptable day-wear outfit, and something your grandmother won’t be offended by!

Whatever you wear on Thanksgiving day, reflect your own fashion identity and look amazing; have fun, eat lots, and enjoy the time with your family.

Eat food. See family. Watch football. Incorporate fashion.

Black and White Checked – 


Green Silk Dress – 


Pink Zip Dress – 


Flower Print Dress – 


Floral Print Dress – 


Happy Thanksgiving :)!


Define Your Eyes – Dare to Be Different on a Night Out With Feline Flicks

Z stylish-cat-eyes-makeupZ EYE FLICK

Always looking for ways you can look different for a night out on the town? Changing your makeup is one easy and cheap way to make a statement by creating drama.

Next time you go out, why not try defining your eyes to create a striking impact, and dare to be different with the feline flick. Change any look from day to night with your eyes. If you are ever stuck at the office, or delayed in class, as long as you have some eyeliner and mascara in your bag, you’re all set to go straight out on the town!

To draw even more attention to your eyes, pull your hair back and wear a clear lip gloss.

Look different on your night out. Define your eyes and create the feline flick.

Try the smoky cat eye for a distinct, but delicate look.

Try the Intense feline eye for instant attention.

Save money on accessories and create a new look through makeup.

Keep Calm and Look Amazing.

Snappy Chicks Snaps – Co-ordinate One Bracelet With Every Outfit and Every Occasion

Snapchat-2633297527074470581 Snapchat-3547659134263127266

All you have to do is “SNAP” and you’re left with a different bracelet for every outfit or occasion.

On Sunday, I took my friend to the Girls Day Out Expo in the snow. It was good to see so much variety at a fashion event. Fashion doesn’t have to be all about clothes; don’t forget the little details that can make all the difference, and be creative with it!

There was ballroom dancing, wine tasting, fancy teapots, nutritional bars and drinks, jams and jellies, handbags, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, baby outfits, and clothes. So much to look at and try, all in the same room; no need to traipse around in the snow downtown!

The Snappy Chicks Snaps was my favorite stall at the Girls Day Out Expo, and I couldn’t resist purchasing a new accessory. I love the idea of choosing a bracelet, and being able to snap different stones, images, and shapes onto the bracelet to create an accessory that looks different and can adapt to any outfit. I have a Pandora bracelet, and even though I love the bracelet and adding charms onto it, it doesn’t ever look different apart from when I add a new charm.

These snap bracelets are a “must have” accessory, especially with Christmas coming up! They would make a great gift to give or receive. I got my bracelet and 6 snaps for $25 dollars, and I wear it all the time!

The Girls Day Out Expo was a great experience, and I left with a great accessory piece to add to future outfits; what more can you ask for?

It’s all about finding unique pieces and setting a trend; they’re the items that will allow you to make a statement.

Dare to be different; explore, discover, display.


It’s time for tartan (Plaid) – Get a Glimpse of Scotland into Your Outfit and Create Your Own Fashion-Forward Highland Games!

z tartan

This is the season to wear tartan. It’s rich, deep color and distinct textured pattern can spruce up any solid outfit this fall, and keep you on trend and in touch with British heritage (Och aye the noo!).

Tartan or plaid is a well-known pattern or design of interlocking stripes in both horizontal and vertical directions.

It is one of the most well-known cloths and patterns, and has become Scotland’s national dress. Now, I’m not saying as soon as you cross the borders you see people constantly drinking Irn Bru and wearing tartan kilts and scarf’s, but it has captured the hearts and minds of the Scots and become a distinct part of their country’s culture; their fashion identity.

From the Celtics to the dress requirements of Scottish Highlanders, kilts and tartan is still worn by Scots today, especially among males at weddings. There is a common joke amongst British culture about how there is always at least one kilt at a wedding or special occasion.

Having a Scottish grandmother myself, I like having a few tartan-patterned items in my closet; not only because I feel “on trend” and seasonal, but for me, it connects me to part of my ancestry and brings back memories of my childhood.

Christmas and the holiday season is the perfect time to purchase a high waisted tartan skirt with tights, a warm wool tartan scarf, or a stand-alone tartan dress.

Be on trend and incorporate a piece of Scotland into your outfit; it is guaranteed to transform you into a “Bonnie lass”. Define your look and attract attention; be a show stopper, Scottish style.

Black and Grey Tartan Skirt –

z plaid

Traditional Tartan Skort-

z tartan skiort

Tartan Skater Dress-

z tartan dress

Tartan Scarf-

z t scarf

Need cheering up today? Watch well-known British comic, Michael McIntyre explain the creation of the kilt, and gain an insight into British culture, with a hint of fashion. It is guaranteed to make you crack up,” improving your mood in seconds.

Create a glimpse of Scotland in your next outfit and if you dare to be different, wear a kilt.

Four Fall Looks to Focus on by Topshop : Metro, College Life, Oooh La La, Uncommon people, and It’s Party Time!


Why make finding clothes and trends this season difficult for yourself?

It’s common to feel overwhelmed walking into a shopping mall, or even a high street store filled with racks upon racks of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Shopping online isn’t quite as daunting, but sifting through hundreds of pages of items with no inspiration can be difficult. You also have no option to try clothes on, and more often than not you are expected to pay postage on orders.

This is where experience comes in. When shopping online, choose a local store you shop from regularly. This way, you are familiar with the sizing of the clothes, and you can either pick your order up from the store, or return it if there are any problems. A lot of fashion retailers will promote free shipping if you order it to the store, or have free deliveries for orders over a certain amount ($£). If worst comes to worst and find yourself between sizes, or if you see something you need for that night, there is always the option of going to the store to try on and purchase what you need.

I advise you to look online before you head out to the shopping mall; it will be less overwhelming that way. Use the internet and social media to your advantage! Check specific retailer’s websites or follow them on social media to keep up to date with their latest additions and trends. A lot of high street retailers will have their own blogs attached to their website, and they usually show you their latest on-trend outfits. Look at what’s out there online, have a few pieces in mind, and then head to the mall to try them on and choose the newest addition to your wardrobe!

You don’t have to shop this way, but in my experience, I have found this method to be the easiest. I purchase a lot of my clothes from Topshop; they produce clothes that fit my fashion identity, and this is the store I have become familiar with. It makes shopping easier and more enjoyable for me.

This season, Topshop are displaying five fall trend ideas on their website: Metro, College Life, Ohh La La, Uncommon People, and It’s Party Time. Why not take a look at these trends and allow them to generate inspiration? Test out my shopping method and see if it works for you. Discover your style, or even mix and match. Fashion is an art form; allow it to stimulate your style and express yourself.

Topshop have done all the hard work for you by organizing the styles that complement each other and creating current trends. Now all you need to do is choose items that reflect your fashion identity, and wear them with confidence.

Like anything, sometimes it’s worthwhile and less time consuming in the store if you do a little research. You wouldn’t go into class or work without knowing what was going on, would you?

So whether you head to the high street ,or reach for your tablet, always remember to Keep Calm and Look Amazing.

XX metrooo

Tired of Having Predictable Hair? Enhance Your Look With a Different Style; Try a Fishtail Braid

X fishtail-braid-gtl-oct07-de

Sick of wearing your hair in the same styles? Try a fishtail hair braid and mix it up. Your hair and makeup is a contributing factor to your overall look; you wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day by choice, so why not try a new hairstyle? The only way to be stylish is to be noticed, the only way to be noticed is to be striking, and the only way to be striking is to be different. Spontaneity works well in fashion.

Try out this new hairstyle the next time you go on a lunch or dinner date.  It is a straightforward, quick, but complex-looking style that can be the perfect finish to your outfit. This style would be the perfect option for one or two day old hair; it keeps it away from your face and eyes, but maintains length and texture opposed to a simple ponytail or bun.

Wearing a light shirt if you have dark colored hair, or a dark shirt if you have light colored hair enhances the texture of the braid and creates a noticeable impact. Try not to add too many jewelry items or hair accessories; keep the look simplistic and allow your new fishtail braid to steal the show.

Why not limit accessories to the solo statement earring trend with this hairstyle. It would balance out your non-braid side, and create drama whichever way your head is turned. Find out more about this style, and create a striking look from hair and accessories alone.

Try this quirky, but sleek style next time you’re feeling spontaneous.

Sweat pants – Who Says You Can’t Dress For Comfort AND Style in Leisurewear; Encompass a Quirky Outfit in Your “Joggers”


Do you live in sweat pants? Subject them strictly to working out or in the house? Or do you wear them when you need a comfy day? I have a solution that will dress up your lazy outfits and put you right on trend going into the holiday season.

Sweat pants come in all shapes, and styles. Why not have a mixture of athletic sweat pants for the gym or lazy days, and stylish jogging pants for day-time or even nights out. How crazy is that? Did you ever think that you could hit the town in comfort, and look good?

There are some things to consider when purchasing or organizing your sweat pant options. Make sure you differentiate between your athletic, casual, and embellished styles; this will set you up to distinguish between a suitable gym outfit, day-time look, or night out attire.


  1. For the athletic look, add a bright/patterned hoody and matching tennis shoes for a dramatic, edgy look.
  2. To dress up day joggers, add heels, an embellished or pattered shirt, and jewelry or other accessories.
  3. To dress down evening sweats, wear flat shoes, solid shirt and cardigan or even a classy hoody with minimal accessories.

Be fun, creative, and comfortable in joggers, and like any outfit, add a splash of your identity to your look. You can be stylish AND comfortable in sweats, so experiment with numerous looks and dress up or dress down to your heart’s content. Remember, you don’t have to live in athletic gear to be comfortable, or survive in discomfort to be fashionable.

Strut your stuff in sweats; in the gym, or on the town.

Burnout Casual Joggers-                                                       

Salt and Pepper Joggers-X sweat joggers

X casual

Metallic Joggers-                                             Patchwork Joggers-            X JOGGERS        X SPARKLE JOGGERS

Solid Joggers-X SOLID

Look Smart and Play Smart On the Golf Course This Fall

I decided to combine my love for fashion with my 15 years experience hitting a little white ball across a field. As a past collegiate golfer, I wanted to share my experiences with making these outfits “look amazing”, and prove that with a little confidence and flair, you can look good in anything, anywhere!

Look smart, play smart, and Keep Calm and Look Amazing.

Go Shox!


There’s No Need To Have A Limitless Wardrobe And Credit Card Bills –Take A Playsuit And Create An Amazing Outfit For Work And For Play!

If you already have a well-defined wardrobe, why feel the need to go out and buy more? Utilize your existing attire to create diverse looks for multiple occasions. Knowing how to use the clothes you already have is a skill you can use to expand your wardrobe for a fraction of the price, and space!

Playsuits and dresses are great because they are versatile. Wear them solo with heels for a bold, dramatic look and a night out on the town. Add a blazer, tights, and over-sized bag for the office, or cover with a loose fitting jumper/polo neck and flat shoes for a fashion forward day look.

Look at the shoes, blazers, and knitwear you have in your closet. Mix and match different playsuits and dresses to different blazers, knitwear, and accessories to create diverse looks for any occasion. The number of outfits will multiply!

Experiment with your existing wardrobe, and discover which pieces complement each other. Add fashionable accessories such as a solo statement earring, a winter hat, or an over-sized bag to compliment your chosen outfit and occasion.

Watch your wardrobe expand in front of your very eyes in just a few hours, and with no need to swipe that credit card!

Express your personality and find your fashion identity. Keep calm and look amazing whether you are recycling outfits or creating new ones.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

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The Polo Neck (Roll Neck) – A Versatile Way To Embrace The Newest Trends, And Keep Warm


When you think of a polo neck, what springs to mind? Your 70 year old granny, or 7 year old cousin with overalls and pigtails?

Well, polo necks are “in” this season. They are versatile, warm, and fantastic for layering and pairing with multiple items to create entirely different looks.

I wore my black cropped polo neck this weekend with a pair of striped high wasted pants.


I have also worn my polo neck with a tartan skirt and black tights for class, and with a blazer and a high wasted dress pants for work. You can layer and adapt a solid polo neck to many different styles for every occasion; here are some ideas on how you can utilize your popular polo neck this winter to maximum effect.

The secret with most fashion items is to match it with other pieces and accessories that are going to enhance your overall look. “Wear” your outfit and believe you can pull it off. Wear with Pride.

Enjoy the return of the polo this season; forget the wrapped-up granny and pigtails because now you know how to “wear” this current trend. Experiment with one of the most versatile pieces you could have in your wardrobe. Become a trend-setter, not a follower.

“The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her.”- Mary Quant