Keep Calm Look Amazing on the Golf Course Part 2

All you need to do is Dress Smart, Play Smart, and Act Smart to be an amazing golfer; you can even wear a festive themed Christmas jumper to play!

Conducting yourself on the golf course is just as important as looking good or playing good; if you’re out there throwing clubs around, people aren’t going to think you “Keep Calm and Look Amazing.”

When I was 12, I remember a distinct conversation with my Dad on the 3rd hole of my home golf course; we were just practicing. He said, “If I ever see you throw a golf club I will drag you off the course. I don’t care how old you are, or who’s watching.” To this day, I have never thrown a golf club (well, the one in the video is my first, and I didn’t do it very well!)

Enjoy the adorable images of my kitten, Sapphire in her festive cape and collar. I couldn’t take her onto the golf course with me, but she does look amazing regardless.

Dress Smart. Play Smart. Look Smart.

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Keep Calm and Look Amazing on the Golf Course!


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