Thanksgiving is fast approaching – Treat Yourself to a New Dress For Turkey Day!


The holiday season is a great time to get dressed up and is a perfect excuse to buy a new dress.

Whether you are having a Friendsgiving or plan on travelling to see family, big or small, you should always aim to look classy for the day and the pictures. What is Thanksgiving without the four F’s: Food, Family, Football, and Fashion?

I’m here to help with some dress ideas so your outfit will be appreciated as much as the turkey and pie!

Here are my Thanksgiving holiday dress rules:

1. Choose something appropriate for other occasions – Buying a dress you will only wear once is a waste; think about other outfits you can create from your statement piece before you purchase it.

2. Choose something you will feel comfortable wearing all day, and eating lots in – something skin tight may not be practical.

3. Choose something “on trend, ” but classy. You want an acceptable day-wear outfit, and something your grandmother won’t be offended by!

Whatever you wear on Thanksgiving day, reflect your own fashion identity and look amazing; have fun, eat lots, and enjoy the time with your family.

Eat food. See family. Watch football. Incorporate fashion.

Black and White Checked – 


Green Silk Dress – 


Pink Zip Dress – 


Flower Print Dress – 


Floral Print Dress – 


Happy Thanksgiving :)!


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