Define Your Eyes – Dare to Be Different on a Night Out With Feline Flicks

Z stylish-cat-eyes-makeupZ EYE FLICK

Always looking for ways you can look different for a night out on the town? Changing your makeup is one easy and cheap way to make a statement by creating drama.

Next time you go out, why not try defining your eyes to create a striking impact, and dare to be different with the feline flick. Change any look from day to night with your eyes. If you are ever stuck at the office, or delayed in class, as long as you have some eyeliner and mascara in your bag, you’re all set to go straight out on the town!

To draw even more attention to your eyes, pull your hair back and wear a clear lip gloss.

Look different on your night out. Define your eyes and create the feline flick.

Try the smoky cat eye for a distinct, but delicate look.

Try the Intense feline eye for instant attention.

Save money on accessories and create a new look through makeup.

Keep Calm and Look Amazing.


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