It’s time for tartan (Plaid) – Get a Glimpse of Scotland into Your Outfit and Create Your Own Fashion-Forward Highland Games!

z tartan

This is the season to wear tartan. It’s rich, deep color and distinct textured pattern can spruce up any solid outfit this fall, and keep you on trend and in touch with British heritage (Och aye the noo!).

Tartan or plaid is a well-known pattern or design of interlocking stripes in both horizontal and vertical directions.

It is one of the most well-known cloths and patterns, and has become Scotland’s national dress. Now, I’m not saying as soon as you cross the borders you see people constantly drinking Irn Bru and wearing tartan kilts and scarf’s, but it has captured the hearts and minds of the Scots and become a distinct part of their country’s culture; their fashion identity.

From the Celtics to the dress requirements of Scottish Highlanders, kilts and tartan is still worn by Scots today, especially among males at weddings. There is a common joke amongst British culture about how there is always at least one kilt at a wedding or special occasion.

Having a Scottish grandmother myself, I like having a few tartan-patterned items in my closet; not only because I feel “on trend” and seasonal, but for me, it connects me to part of my ancestry and brings back memories of my childhood.

Christmas and the holiday season is the perfect time to purchase a high waisted tartan skirt with tights, a warm wool tartan scarf, or a stand-alone tartan dress.

Be on trend and incorporate a piece of Scotland into your outfit; it is guaranteed to transform you into a “Bonnie lass”. Define your look and attract attention; be a show stopper, Scottish style.

Black and Grey Tartan Skirt –

z plaid

Traditional Tartan Skort-

z tartan skiort

Tartan Skater Dress-

z tartan dress

Tartan Scarf-

z t scarf

Need cheering up today? Watch well-known British comic, Michael McIntyre explain the creation of the kilt, and gain an insight into British culture, with a hint of fashion. It is guaranteed to make you crack up,” improving your mood in seconds.

Create a glimpse of Scotland in your next outfit and if you dare to be different, wear a kilt.


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