Tired of Having Predictable Hair? Enhance Your Look With a Different Style; Try a Fishtail Braid

X fishtail-braid-gtl-oct07-de

Sick of wearing your hair in the same styles? Try a fishtail hair braid and mix it up. Your hair and makeup is a contributing factor to your overall look; you wouldn’t wear the same clothes every day by choice, so why not try a new hairstyle? The only way to be stylish is to be noticed, the only way to be noticed is to be striking, and the only way to be striking is to be different. Spontaneity works well in fashion.

Try out this new hairstyle the next time you go on a lunch or dinner date.  It is a straightforward, quick, but complex-looking style that can be the perfect finish to your outfit. This style would be the perfect option for one or two day old hair; it keeps it away from your face and eyes, but maintains length and texture opposed to a simple ponytail or bun.

Wearing a light shirt if you have dark colored hair, or a dark shirt if you have light colored hair enhances the texture of the braid and creates a noticeable impact. Try not to add too many jewelry items or hair accessories; keep the look simplistic and allow your new fishtail braid to steal the show.

Why not limit accessories to the solo statement earring trend with this hairstyle. It would balance out your non-braid side, and create drama whichever way your head is turned. Find out more about this style, and create a striking look from hair and accessories alone.

Try this quirky, but sleek style next time you’re feeling spontaneous.


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