Sweat pants – Who Says You Can’t Dress For Comfort AND Style in Leisurewear; Encompass a Quirky Outfit in Your “Joggers”


Do you live in sweat pants? Subject them strictly to working out or in the house? Or do you wear them when you need a comfy day? I have a solution that will dress up your lazy outfits and put you right on trend going into the holiday season.

Sweat pants come in all shapes, and styles. Why not have a mixture of athletic sweat pants for the gym or lazy days, and stylish jogging pants for day-time or even nights out. How crazy is that? Did you ever think that you could hit the town in comfort, and look good?

There are some things to consider when purchasing or organizing your sweat pant options. Make sure you differentiate between your athletic, casual, and embellished styles; this will set you up to distinguish between a suitable gym outfit, day-time look, or night out attire.


  1. For the athletic look, add a bright/patterned hoody and matching tennis shoes for a dramatic, edgy look.
  2. To dress up day joggers, add heels, an embellished or pattered shirt, and jewelry or other accessories.
  3. To dress down evening sweats, wear flat shoes, solid shirt and cardigan or even a classy hoody with minimal accessories.

Be fun, creative, and comfortable in joggers, and like any outfit, add a splash of your identity to your look. You can be stylish AND comfortable in sweats, so experiment with numerous looks and dress up or dress down to your heart’s content. Remember, you don’t have to live in athletic gear to be comfortable, or survive in discomfort to be fashionable.

Strut your stuff in sweats; in the gym, or on the town.

Burnout Casual Joggers-                                                       

Salt and Pepper Joggers-X sweat joggers

X casual

Metallic Joggers-                                             Patchwork Joggers-            X JOGGERS        X SPARKLE JOGGERS

Solid Joggers-X SOLID


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