Four Fall Looks to Focus on by Topshop : Metro, College Life, Oooh La La, Uncommon people, and It’s Party Time!


Why make finding clothes and trends this season difficult for yourself?

It’s common to feel overwhelmed walking into a shopping mall, or even a high street store filled with racks upon racks of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Shopping online isn’t quite as daunting, but sifting through hundreds of pages of items with no inspiration can be difficult. You also have no option to try clothes on, and more often than not you are expected to pay postage on orders.

This is where experience comes in. When shopping online, choose a local store you shop from regularly. This way, you are familiar with the sizing of the clothes, and you can either pick your order up from the store, or return it if there are any problems. A lot of fashion retailers will promote free shipping if you order it to the store, or have free deliveries for orders over a certain amount ($£). If worst comes to worst and find yourself between sizes, or if you see something you need for that night, there is always the option of going to the store to try on and purchase what you need.

I advise you to look online before you head out to the shopping mall; it will be less overwhelming that way. Use the internet and social media to your advantage! Check specific retailer’s websites or follow them on social media to keep up to date with their latest additions and trends. A lot of high street retailers will have their own blogs attached to their website, and they usually show you their latest on-trend outfits. Look at what’s out there online, have a few pieces in mind, and then head to the mall to try them on and choose the newest addition to your wardrobe!

You don’t have to shop this way, but in my experience, I have found this method to be the easiest. I purchase a lot of my clothes from Topshop; they produce clothes that fit my fashion identity, and this is the store I have become familiar with. It makes shopping easier and more enjoyable for me.

This season, Topshop are displaying five fall trend ideas on their website: Metro, College Life, Ohh La La, Uncommon People, and It’s Party Time. Why not take a look at these trends and allow them to generate inspiration? Test out my shopping method and see if it works for you. Discover your style, or even mix and match. Fashion is an art form; allow it to stimulate your style and express yourself.

Topshop have done all the hard work for you by organizing the styles that complement each other and creating current trends. Now all you need to do is choose items that reflect your fashion identity, and wear them with confidence.

Like anything, sometimes it’s worthwhile and less time consuming in the store if you do a little research. You wouldn’t go into class or work without knowing what was going on, would you?

So whether you head to the high street ,or reach for your tablet, always remember to Keep Calm and Look Amazing.

XX metrooo


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