Hats – Your Choice Of Protection Against The Elements Can Become Your Ultimate Statement Piece For Fall 2014


Choose a fashion-forward winter woolly this fall and stay warm throughout the colder months.

Do you refuse to wear winter hats? Is it because they can draw attention, you don’t think you’re a “hat person”, you have no idea what’s “in” this season, or you simply don’t want a head full of hat hair for the rest of the day?

This can be true in some cases; however, a hat, chosen and worn correctly with hair frizz preventatives can add the finishing touches to your outfit; give it a certain, “je ne sais quoi .” Yes, the risk-factor is a little higher, but if you find a winter hat that suits your style, hair, and face shape, it can change your winter world! It will complete your look, keep your head warm, and create a newly found fashion confidence. After all, accessories can be the essence to a successful outfit.“Fortune favors the brave”, so get out of your comfort zone, and find your 2014 winter woolly statement accessory.

Like anything, it is about finding a hat that suits your fashion identity, current wardrobe, hair style, and face shape, so here are the “Things to consider when selecting a hat.”

You can’t find the perfect hat without making sure it fits the shape of your face. Knowing which hat styles suit you is just as important as knowing your body shape; you wouldn’t buy a shirt that didn’t compliment your body shape, so don’t wear a hat that doesn’t compliment your face.  Take a quiz to find out your face shape, and match the perfect hat to your head.

Avoid flat hat hair by following these easy tips:

Now that you now know your face shape, the hat styles that will suit you, and how to prevent hat hair; all there is left to do is choose a hat that embraces your fashion identity, and incorporate it into the perfect winter outfit.

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