A little black dress or a white button-up shirt is the only signature item you need this Halloween – An effortless, cheap and classy costume that you can put together in minutes!


Halloween is just days away, no costume? Have no fear, you still have time.

Whether you need a first choice outfit, a backup plan if your online order is a shot in the dark, or a potential outfit idea in case one of your crazy friends decides to wing it and asks you to go out last minute. Whatever the reason, these costume ideas will create an authentic, inexpensive costume that takes minutes to put together; no craft glue, paint, or manual labor needed…I promise! These costume ideas are built around one signature item you are almost guaranteed to have stashed away in your closet; easy!

Halloween can sometimes be a drag when it comes to costumes. You may have no time to search online or go to the Halloween stores, be on a tight budget, or have absolutely no idea what your friends have in mind and don’t want to spend $50 (£30) on an outfit you could possibly never wear! Or, maybe you searched online, went to the Halloween store, tried on some outfits, and didn’t like any. I have your solution and it’s simple; a white button-up shirt, or a little black dress.

That shirt you wore once for the last interview you had? This is the forefront of your Halloween costume. Sound crazy? Watch this video on how to turn that plain white button down into a creative Halloween salvage.

Why not try a Sassy School girl, 80s themed Risky Business, Mary Poppins, and Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction).

The second wardrobe standby is the signature little black dress. This timeless, elegant item isn’t only your best friend on last minute nights out when you haven’t been shopping; it can also become the ultimate, versatile Halloween recovery.

Dress it up with Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), Parking Rituals, Where’s Waldo, Mary Kate Olson, and Minnie Mouse.

With just over 48 hours until Halloween, button down that shirt, or zip up that dress into what will be the best last minute put-together of the night! Your costume catastrophe is solved, so take a deep breath, choose an outfit, and most importantly Keep Calm and Look Amazing.


Get in the Halloween mood; listen to the legendary Michael Jackson hit ‘Thriller’, and take a costume quiz. What costume should you wear this year?

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to listen to some classic M.J (Michael Jackson)? This Thriller video is bound to send chills down your spine, and the urge to dress up and dance though your bones. Halloween is almost here!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I am the type of person who searches and orders their costume weeks in advance. This year, I plan on being Minnie Mouse, and I am excited to assemble my costume and accessories on Friday.

If you are not this organized for your Halloween party, keep calm! In my next post, I will be showing effortless, cheap and classy costumes that will turn your Halloween costume catastrophe around.

Until then, sit back, indulge in your favorite candy, feel the Halloween vibes, and take the Halloween costume quiz for inspiration.


I’m back in the USA to show you how to blend British and US fashion for a show-stopping style.

Don’t panic, I have returned. I’m back in the USA, and ready to help you get quirky, dare to be different, and create an edge once again.

Combining US and British culture is who I am, add clothes, shoes, bags and makeup, and you have the essence of (Hollie says) “Keep calm and look amazing. In fashion, it is good to know what your style is, and how you want to portray yourself through the clothes you wear; why not express your personality if you have the opportunity every single day? Fashion is like paperwork or emails, you have to keep on top of them, and this is where I come in. I find all the newest styles and trends, and you sit back, browse through, and choose which styles would mostly embody you. It’s as easy as that! Shopping can be fun, even more so when you know exactly what you are looking for.

I am back in the US with an even greater enthusiasm for culture, blogging, and fashion. I graduated from Wichita State University in December 2013, and spent 6 months at home, working and applying for graduate school. Going home was an opportunity for me to spend much needed time with my family, and after a year away, I couldn’t decide who I had missed the most: my family, or Topshop (UK fashion store).

Graduate school and teaching Public Speaking (COMM 111) at the Elliott School of Communication brings me back. This is a new aspect of my life, and a goal I have worked towards for the last three years. My study of interest is in social media and intercultural communication, which coincides with the nature of this blog. My further interests are fashion (of course!), teaching, golf, and cats! I recently adopted my first cat last week and she is about as fashionable as cats get with her pink flowery collar; everyone, even pets can be stylish!


Get inspired. Express yourself. And allow me once again to find quirky styles and trends that will make you the center of attention.

Take it away Gwen!