Need a winter scarf? Try a snood – classy, sophisticated and easy.

A Snood looks like a scarf. It does the same job in keeping our necks warm, but they look much more elegant. Snoods would be a perfect stocking-filler this Christmas and will keep you up to date with your winter woollies over the holidays.

They look like a cross between a neck warmer and a scarf so there are no long bits either side that dangle at different lengths!

Choosing to wear a Snood over a scarf indicates that you are fashion-forward and willing to experiment with the latest trends. Snoods can easily accommodate a classy and sophisticated look. Small accessories put together with the right outfit have the potential to contribute to a striking impact.

There are a number of ways you can decide to wear your Snood, why not master all ten and experiment with different looks to compliment every shirt in your wardrobe.

Have fun with it. There are many differernt materials and patterns to choose from. Snoods range from around £5-£20/ $10-30. If you only intend to purchase one, I advise you to get a traditional textured (woven) Snood, but if you fall in love with them and decide to buy more than one, experiement with materials and styles such as fur, silk and cotton.


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