Adding excitement to classic UGGs. Don’t go plain, go patterned.

We all know and love UGG boots. If you own a pair you know they are comfortable, warm, stylish and can be worn with anything; even pyjamas!

Last week I dug out my UGGs and have been wearing them during finals so I can study in pure comfort.

If a pair of UGGs are on your Christmas list this year, why not branch out and choose something unique and a little crazy. They have an amazing new range of exclusive styles so take advantage of them.

It’s nice to have a pair you know will match everything but making your UGGs your statement piece is becoming the new look. Why not try animal print, sparkles or a colour you wouldn’t usually choose? Sometimes contrast can enhance an outfit and doesn’t always work against it.

Leapoard Print-

Zebra Print-

Silver/Bronze Sparkles-

Mint furry boots-

White Sparkles-

Make your footwear interesting with these unique UGG boots. Don’t go plain, go patterned.


One thought on “Adding excitement to classic UGGs. Don’t go plain, go patterned.

  1. I personally find UGGs to be unattractive for various reasons, at least for me. I see them on other people and think they look okay, depending on how they wear them. But I am definitely not crazy about them. However, these styles of UGGs are definitely more appealing to me than the plain ones that I always see. I never see these types in the stores so I thought they were just all the same (plain and ugly), but I realize that I’ve never looked for other styles online. I LOVE the furry- mint colored ones shown above. I could pair those with a cute pair of skinny jeans and a cute striped or patterned sweater. Thanks for posting! This gave me a different attitude toward UGGs!

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