Christmas wouldn’t be the same without novelty jewellery. Go for Christmas bling!

If you want to show Christmas festivity in a discrete way, purchasing some novelty jewellery is perfect for you. Claire’s have a deal in store at the moment; if you buy one holiday accessory you get the second 50% off, what a bargain!

I’ve always made the effort to wear holiday jewellery. It is small, easy to wear and relatively cheap. I have chosen stud earrings, even if it’s the only festive item I wear. Lots of people have commented and said how it is a good idea.

You can usually find some inexpensive, dainty items that don’t look cheap or chunky. I like Claire’s because you have the option of buying reasonably priced jewellery or upgrading to silver or gold and even the really cheap pieces are usually good quality.

Why not try…

Candy cane earrings-


Mini Candy Cane Studs

Snowflake earrings-

Sparkling Snowflake Set

Christmas Tree earrings-

Mini Christmas Tree Studs

Christmas Drop earrings-

Holiday Glam Drop Earrings

Snowflake bracelet-

Snowflake Cuff Bracelet

Bead bracelet-

Glitter Tree Stretch Bracelets Set of 3

Get into the holiday spirit with these classy pieces from Claire’s.

Keep calm and look amazing this Christmas.


The stylish version of a “Bad Christmas jumper”- lets get into the holiday season.

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without a “Christmas jumper.” I’m going to show you how to look good in a stylish 21st century holiday jumper (preferably not hand knitted by your grandmother!) that you can have fun with because fashion is meant to be fun.

The traditional stereotype of the “Christmas jumper” came from the times when your grandma or mother knit their children the worst, ill fitting jumpers ever in Christmas colors, with either a large image on the front or in an unattractive pattern that made your eyes go blurry!

This reminds me of the film, Bridget Jones’s diary when Mark Darsey (Colin Firth) and Bridget (Renee Zellweger) meet for the first time on New Year’s day. Mark is wearing an unflattering green Christmas jumper his mother had made and forced him to wear. The added feature of the huge reindeer on the front only added to the awkwardness of the characters initial meeting.

Christmas is the only time these jumpers are acceptable, you can have fun with them and believe it or not actually choose a cute stylish-looking one. It takes a little confidence to pull this look off, but it’s all about getting in the Christmas spirit and not taking yourself too seriously.

Fashion isn’t always about looking sophisticated. You can still look stylish by adding a little humor and novelty to your outfit. It’s all about choosing a jumper that looks good on you so check that it:

  • Fits properly.
  • Suits you.
  • Accentuates your best features.
  • Matches the rest of your outfit.
  • Stands out for the right reasons, not because everyone is hypnotized by it.

If you follow these guidelines your Christmas jumper will be your statement piece, so make sure to add solid color jeans/leggings and UGG boots for a polished, fashionable version of the traditional “Christmas jumper.”

Christmas snowflake jumper-

Image 1 of Pop Boutique Snowflake Knitted Jumper

Black reindeer jumper-

Image 1 of ASOS Christmas Jumper In Reindeer Fairisle

Holly jumper-

Patterned reindeer jumper-

Image 1 of Pop Boutique Reindeer Knitted Jumper

Have fun with it, “tis the season to be jolly!”

Adding excitement to classic UGGs. Don’t go plain, go patterned.

We all know and love UGG boots. If you own a pair you know they are comfortable, warm, stylish and can be worn with anything; even pyjamas!

Last week I dug out my UGGs and have been wearing them during finals so I can study in pure comfort.

If a pair of UGGs are on your Christmas list this year, why not branch out and choose something unique and a little crazy. They have an amazing new range of exclusive styles so take advantage of them.

It’s nice to have a pair you know will match everything but making your UGGs your statement piece is becoming the new look. Why not try animal print, sparkles or a colour you wouldn’t usually choose? Sometimes contrast can enhance an outfit and doesn’t always work against it.

Leapoard Print-

Zebra Print-

Silver/Bronze Sparkles-

Mint furry boots-

White Sparkles-

Make your footwear interesting with these unique UGG boots. Don’t go plain, go patterned.

Need a winter scarf? Try a snood – classy, sophisticated and easy.

A Snood looks like a scarf. It does the same job in keeping our necks warm, but they look much more elegant. Snoods would be a perfect stocking-filler this Christmas and will keep you up to date with your winter woollies over the holidays.

They look like a cross between a neck warmer and a scarf so there are no long bits either side that dangle at different lengths!

Choosing to wear a Snood over a scarf indicates that you are fashion-forward and willing to experiment with the latest trends. Snoods can easily accommodate a classy and sophisticated look. Small accessories put together with the right outfit have the potential to contribute to a striking impact.

There are a number of ways you can decide to wear your Snood, why not master all ten and experiment with different looks to compliment every shirt in your wardrobe.

Have fun with it. There are many differernt materials and patterns to choose from. Snoods range from around £5-£20/ $10-30. If you only intend to purchase one, I advise you to get a traditional textured (woven) Snood, but if you fall in love with them and decide to buy more than one, experiement with materials and styles such as fur, silk and cotton.