Want to use dry shampoo?Use it properly with help from the professionals – Then add your own hair chain accessory to polish it off.

Dry shampoo is my savior. I would choose it over my straighter or curling iron any day AND it’s yours for under £3/$5. What more could you ask for?

It is important to know how to apply the product properly;  it’s ridiculously easy, but you don’t want white flakes invading your scalp or having to wear the matted/knotty look. Not cute.

Watch this short video on how to prep and style your unwashed oily hair into fresh, clean and sleek hair. No one will ever know it hasn’t been washed and after a few weeks it will look a lot healthier.

Once you have perfectly clean hair and are ready to hit the town or tackle the day ahead, why not make your own chain headband accessory? It will make your hair look polished and irresistible all day! It costs £2-3/$3-5 to make and takes 10 minutes of your time.

Get creative, save some time in the shower and try something different. Keep calm look amazing.

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