Exciting leggings – Get some!

I can’t last a week without wearing leggings. They are comfortable, easy to wear and warm.

My drawers are filled with the usual black and denim jeggings, but it’s time to think outside the box, dare to be different and get your hands on some unique leggings.

From printed, to shiny, metallic and sparkly; our favorite fashion websites have it all!

Here are some “Hollie inspired” choices that would look amazing:

Silver Metallic Legging

Silver metallic leggings

Glitter shimmer leggings

Image 1 of ASOS Leggings in Mono Abstract Print

Mono abstract print

Black Sequin Leggings

Black sequin leggings

All of these would look good with Converse or chunky heels. The leggings are your statement item; adding too many prints, colours or accessories could spoil your look.

  1. Make sure whatever you wear with your leggings is in-fashion and a solid color.
  2. Get the right balance between layering clothes, colours and the amount of accessories you add.

Wear heels, a dressy top and elaborate jewelry to dress up your legging-outfit.


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