How do you stay stylish and fashion-forward during pregnancy?

As a mother during pregnancy there are many sacrifices you have to make. Your style and fashion shouldn’t be one of these sacrifices. Just because your body is going through a major change, it shouldn’t result in your wardrobe becoming a dull disaster for 9 months.

Pregnancy should accentuate your beauty, so don’t hide in dull baggy clothes; learn how to look stylish in maternity clothes. You have nine whole months to rock your flattering maternity outfits that should make you look as amazing as you feel.

Here are the DO’s and DONT’s:

DON’T forget your own personal style, continue to bring your personality into your outfits.

  • DON’T buy your maternity clothes all at once; your body is everchanging through pregnancy and you don’t want to have to wear items that are too small.
  • DON’T wear large tent like shapeless garments.
  • DON’T wear high heeled shoes; flat shoes are a lot safer and will give you more support.
  • DO look for tops with ties, ruching, or a gathered hem under the belly.
  • DO wear jeans as long as they have an artificial waistband, are a stretchy material and a flattering cut.
  • DO wear skirts as long as they are a solid colour (preferably dark) with a flexible waistband. Preferred length would be just above the knee or a long maxi skirt.
  • DO choose tops with a “V” neck or slightly lower cut neckline.
  • DO wear high waisted belts just above the bump with a nice dress or flowing long top.
  • DO wear high waisted leggings over the bump, they are very comfortable and will keep both you and your baby warm.


Buy a slimming black dress because:

  1. They are easy to dress up or down
  2. Slimming
  3. Comfortable and easy to wear
  4. Seasonal and able to wear all year round

Fitted knot dress

Short flowing midi dress

Long flowing midi dress


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