Bored of looking at the same items in your wardrobe? It’s time to swish.

Swishing is the latest craze to sweep the fashion world. It’s easy, free and resourceful.

Invite all your friends to a swish party – tell them to bring at least one item to swap and get everyone in one room trading clothes. Usually people swish clothes they are bored with or have only worn a couple of times and know they won’t wear again.

For the best results you should invite lots of people and tell them to bring as many items as they can – maybe you bought something that doesn’t suit you and it would look really good on someone else?

You could even organize themed swish parties where you just bring a certain style of clothes such as: going out, sportswear, fancy dress, day time, shoes or accessories.

Here are the rules:

1. Everyone brings at least one item.

2. You will have 30mins to browse before the swish opens.

3. No item can be claimed until the swish is declared open.

4. As soon as the swish is open, people may take what they like – first come, first serve.

5. If you don’t get the item you want, there will always be a next time.

If Cheskca Hull from ‘Made in Chelsea’ isn’t too posh to swish, neither are you.

It’s a great way of getting rid of what you don’t wear and adding some new items to your wardrobe for free – so get swishing!


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