Levis new collection Waste<Less – 8 plastic bottles in every pair.

We are all encouraged to recycle and take responsibility in protecting our environment.

Big businesses are now realizing the importance of going green. They understand the influence they can have on their customers and the impact their businesses have on the environment.

‘Wearing classy fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth’

Levis jeans are one of the biggest denim manufacturers worldwide, creating the first blue jeans in 1873. Levis is setting a good example and taking steps to clean up their act by introducing their new collection called: Levis Waste<Less.

The jeans will be made from recycled bottles – yes that’s right, the next time you recycle a bottle of soda you could be providing someone with their newest pair of Levis jeans!

Eight plastic bottles or food trays will be used to produce each pair. The collection will use 3.5 million bottles recycled as jeans.

The range will launch Spring 2013 – you’ll have to ‘bottle up’ your excitement until next year, but I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

The Levis Waste<Less collection supplies Fashionable, good quality jeans you feel good about buying – Go green with Levis.


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