From rags to riches with Lord Alan Sugar – The Young Apprentice.

Lord Sugar’s 12 “Young Apprentice” candidates made their debut this week on BBC 1.

Their goal is to get through each weekly task without being fired and have the chance to win £25,000 ($40,000) as well as becoming Lord Sugar’s Young Apprentice.

Lord Sugar goes green on the first episode – the first task being closet recycling.

The candidates had to revamp and resell old disguarded clothes. They learned how to sew-up holes properly, do some natural dying and accessories using studs and pompoms.

They raised almost £1,000 ($1,500) between the groups which just goes to show how recycling can save you substantial amounts of dosh.

Unfortunately, one of the candidates had to go, and 16-year-old Max Grodecki didn’t come up to scratch in the boardroom so Lord Sugar pointed the finger and said those famous words “You’re fired”.

Old jumpers and cardigans can be quickly turned into brand new winter woollies – It’s all about being resourceful.

Try this tutorial and make a skirt, hat and mittens from your Dad’s old, unwanted jumper – what more could you want?


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