Make-up – Bare Minerals and Benefit

Make-up plays a huge part in making or breaking your look.

Wearing the right make-up is essential – wearing the right amount is also important.

I live for make-up. Like a true girly-girl I have experimented with lots of different types (moose, liquid, pressed, loose) and different brands (Maybelline, Rimmel, Clinique, Neutrogena, Loreal, Dior and Lancome.)

This Summer I changed my make-up to a combination of Bare Minerals and Benefit– brands I have never tried but have instantly fallen in love with. I’ve finally found the perfect make-up and want to let you guys delve into my make-up bag and decide if it would be something you would also be interested in.

Hollie’s make-up bag –

1. Bare minerals loose foundation – It’s all about being natural. I love the finish and coverage I get and the fact it feels like I am not wearing anything. Sometimes I even fall asleep with my make-up on as I forget to take it off! Find out what other testers said about this product.

2. Bare Minerals concealer – By far the best concealer I have ever used. It has a light texture, the same as the foundation and blends really well. Find out what other testers said about this product.

3. Bare Minerals Tinted mineral Veil – This seals the foundation and concealer and gives you an instant polished look. If you decide to go with the tinted option this will give you a natural hint of tan. Find out what other testers said about this product.

4. Benefit bronzer – A natural bronzer you can build up and NEVER turn orange. Ditch the fake tan with this in your purse because this is the almost natural way of looking as though you just stepped off a plane from Greece! Find out what testers said about this product.

5. Benefit coral blush – Just like the bronzer this product is amazing for highlighting certain features. This complements the bronzer and includes four different colors to wear for different occasions… so mix and match. Find out what testers said about this product.

6. Benefit they’re real – Makes my lashes look extra long and lifts them so they have a dramatic effect. The brush easily separates your lashes with no clumps at all. You can also build this up and wear a thicker layer for going out to really make your eyes pop. Find out what testers said about this product.

Head down to the Bare Minerals Benefit counter and see if you like it. With make-up you usually get what you pay for so you have to decide whether you are prepared to pay that little bit extra for the best possible quality.

Benefit and Bare Minerals make-up:

1. Last a long time – my little pot has lasted me 8 months already!

2. Gives an expensive, polished finish.

3. Doesn’t slide off.

4. Feels light, looks light.

Give Bare Minerals and Benefit a try and I can almost guarantee you will never go back. Feel amazing. … Look amazing!


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