Want to use dry shampoo?Use it properly with help from the professionals – Then add your own hair chain accessory to polish it off.

Dry shampoo is my savior. I would choose it over my straighter or curling iron any day AND it’s yours for under £3/$5. What more could you ask for?

It is important to know how to apply the product properly;  it’s ridiculously easy, but you don’t want white flakes invading your scalp or having to wear the matted/knotty look. Not cute.

Watch this short video on how to prep and style your unwashed oily hair into fresh, clean and sleek hair. No one will ever know it hasn’t been washed and after a few weeks it will look a lot healthier.

Once you have perfectly clean hair and are ready to hit the town or tackle the day ahead, why not make your own chain headband accessory? It will make your hair look polished and irresistible all day! It costs £2-3/$3-5 to make and takes 10 minutes of your time.

Get creative, save some time in the shower and try something different. Keep calm look amazing.

Hot hair accessories 2012/2013

As women, we naturally stress about our hair and make it an important part of our daily routine.

We wash, blow dry, straighten and curl it,  we add products, use hairspray to keep it in place, grow it out, cut it off, put it up!

Most of us go through these troubles every morning in order to look great. Sometimes it’s good to try different styles and hair ideas, our celebs are forever changing theirs and keeping up to date with the latest looks and accessories.

Why not keep up with the latest hair trends yourself? You are in luck! The newest accessories are amazing in both short hair and long hair so everyone can pull off these trendy styles.

Accessories are a fun way of making your hair look different without having to do something drastic.

2012/2013 brings:

  • Bows

  • Hair chains

  • Embellished headband

  • Fascinator

  • Hair feathers

TIP: Try dry shampoo.

It can help improve the quality of your hair, help it to grow or generally stay healthier. My best friend is a hair stylist and she always tells me not to wash my hair every day. Washing it too much strips your hair of its natural oils, which can make it dry and damaged as well as stopping growth, especially if you use heat styling tools such as blow dryer or straighteners.

Dry shampoo can substitute washing it and could improve the condition of your hair. Section your hair and spray into the required areas, leave in for a few minutes and brush it out with a brush or comb. It leaves your hair feeling fresh and saves you a lot of time.

Give it a try – I use either Tresemme or Batiste.

Exciting leggings – Get some!

I can’t last a week without wearing leggings. They are comfortable, easy to wear and warm.

My drawers are filled with the usual black and denim jeggings, but it’s time to think outside the box, dare to be different and get your hands on some unique leggings.

From printed, to shiny, metallic and sparkly; our favorite fashion websites have it all!

Here are some “Hollie inspired” choices that would look amazing:

Silver Metallic Legging

Silver metallic leggings

Glitter shimmer leggings

Image 1 of ASOS Leggings in Mono Abstract Print

Mono abstract print

Black Sequin Leggings

Black sequin leggings

All of these would look good with Converse or chunky heels. The leggings are your statement item; adding too many prints, colours or accessories could spoil your look.

  1. Make sure whatever you wear with your leggings is in-fashion and a solid color.
  2. Get the right balance between layering clothes, colours and the amount of accessories you add.

Wear heels, a dressy top and elaborate jewelry to dress up your legging-outfit.

How do you stay stylish and fashion-forward during pregnancy?

As a mother during pregnancy there are many sacrifices you have to make. Your style and fashion shouldn’t be one of these sacrifices. Just because your body is going through a major change, it shouldn’t result in your wardrobe becoming a dull disaster for 9 months.

Pregnancy should accentuate your beauty, so don’t hide in dull baggy clothes; learn how to look stylish in maternity clothes. You have nine whole months to rock your flattering maternity outfits that should make you look as amazing as you feel.

Here are the DO’s and DONT’s:

DON’T forget your own personal style, continue to bring your personality into your outfits.

  • DON’T buy your maternity clothes all at once; your body is everchanging through pregnancy and you don’t want to have to wear items that are too small.
  • DON’T wear large tent like shapeless garments.
  • DON’T wear high heeled shoes; flat shoes are a lot safer and will give you more support.
  • DO look for tops with ties, ruching, or a gathered hem under the belly.
  • DO wear jeans as long as they have an artificial waistband, are a stretchy material and a flattering cut.
  • DO wear skirts as long as they are a solid colour (preferably dark) with a flexible waistband. Preferred length would be just above the knee or a long maxi skirt.
  • DO choose tops with a “V” neck or slightly lower cut neckline.
  • DO wear high waisted belts just above the bump with a nice dress or flowing long top.
  • DO wear high waisted leggings over the bump, they are very comfortable and will keep both you and your baby warm.


Buy a slimming black dress because:

  1. They are easy to dress up or down
  2. Slimming
  3. Comfortable and easy to wear
  4. Seasonal and able to wear all year round

Fitted knot dress

Short flowing midi dress

Long flowing midi dress

Bored of looking at the same items in your wardrobe? It’s time to swish.

Swishing is the latest craze to sweep the fashion world. It’s easy, free and resourceful.

Invite all your friends to a swish party – tell them to bring at least one item to swap and get everyone in one room trading clothes. Usually people swish clothes they are bored with or have only worn a couple of times and know they won’t wear again.

For the best results you should invite lots of people and tell them to bring as many items as they can – maybe you bought something that doesn’t suit you and it would look really good on someone else?

You could even organize themed swish parties where you just bring a certain style of clothes such as: going out, sportswear, fancy dress, day time, shoes or accessories.

Here are the rules:

1. Everyone brings at least one item.

2. You will have 30mins to browse before the swish opens.

3. No item can be claimed until the swish is declared open.

4. As soon as the swish is open, people may take what they like – first come, first serve.

5. If you don’t get the item you want, there will always be a next time.

If Cheskca Hull from ‘Made in Chelsea’ isn’t too posh to swish, neither are you.

It’s a great way of getting rid of what you don’t wear and adding some new items to your wardrobe for free – so get swishing!

From rags to riches with Lord Alan Sugar – The Young Apprentice.

Lord Sugar’s 12 “Young Apprentice” candidates made their debut this week on BBC 1.

Their goal is to get through each weekly task without being fired and have the chance to win £25,000 ($40,000) as well as becoming Lord Sugar’s Young Apprentice.

Lord Sugar goes green on the first episode – the first task being closet recycling.

The candidates had to revamp and resell old disguarded clothes. They learned how to sew-up holes properly, do some natural dying and accessories using studs and pompoms.

They raised almost £1,000 ($1,500) between the groups which just goes to show how recycling can save you substantial amounts of dosh.

Unfortunately, one of the candidates had to go, and 16-year-old Max Grodecki didn’t come up to scratch in the boardroom so Lord Sugar pointed the finger and said those famous words “You’re fired”.

Old jumpers and cardigans can be quickly turned into brand new winter woollies – It’s all about being resourceful.

Try this tutorial and make a skirt, hat and mittens from your Dad’s old, unwanted jumper – what more could you want?

Levis new collection Waste<Less – 8 plastic bottles in every pair.

We are all encouraged to recycle and take responsibility in protecting our environment.

Big businesses are now realizing the importance of going green. They understand the influence they can have on their customers and the impact their businesses have on the environment.

‘Wearing classy fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth’

Levis jeans are one of the biggest denim manufacturers worldwide, creating the first blue jeans in 1873. Levis is setting a good example and taking steps to clean up their act by introducing their new collection called: Levis Waste<Less.

The jeans will be made from recycled bottles – yes that’s right, the next time you recycle a bottle of soda you could be providing someone with their newest pair of Levis jeans!

Eight plastic bottles or food trays will be used to produce each pair. The collection will use 3.5 million bottles recycled as jeans.

The range will launch Spring 2013 – you’ll have to ‘bottle up’ your excitement until next year, but I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

The Levis Waste<Less collection supplies Fashionable, good quality jeans you feel good about buying – Go green with Levis.

Christmas calls for a little red dress.

Time flies and we are in November already! Decorations, chocolate Santas and Christmas carols are making an appearance as we get closer to Dec 25th.

With red being the festive colour – you can’t go wrong with a little red dress to demand some attention.

Follow Taylor Swift’s and Kimberly Walsh’s striking example and go red for the right reasons – it’s an easy way for Nov and Dec to look sexy, classy and festive.

Hollie’s red dress ideas –

1. Classy red maxi dress from Asos online – $86.19

2. High neck pleated dress from Topshop online – $76.00

3. Fitted scuba dress from River Island online – $48.00

4. Middle length one shoulder dress from Asos online – $74.76

Top these amazing choices off with bright red lips and natural make-up – be prepared for the festive season and rock some red.

The best of British – James Bond and the Queen at the Olympic ceremony London 2012

This year, the London Olympic Games included many firsts – one of the most creative being the Queen’s grand entrance to the opening ceremony. Escorted by no other than James Bond himself (Daniel Craig) they made the journey from Buckingham palace to Wembley Stadium in a helicopter, finally managing to find their seats by parachuting into the stadium to the roar of the crowd. In my opinion, priceless!

The crystal and lace cocktail dress worn for the occasion took several months to complete with the added stress of having to design and make two identical dresses (you didn’t really think the queen could parachute out of a helicopter do you?) The dress worn by the Queen and her stunt double were identical and a lot of time and effort went into creating them.

The dress had to stand out to the crowd of 80,000 people and it also couldn’t be colour-associated with any of the Olympic teams.

Angela Kelly, the Queen’s dress maker for 20 years said to the Telegraph, “The Queen has a fantastic understanding of clothes and fashion and is very aware of what suits her and what would be appropriate for any occasion.”

The Queen continues to look classy and stylish at the age of 86 – which leaves no excuses for anyone else.

Dermotologists evaluation on mineral make-up – the reason you should purchase Bare Minerals.

Still debating on whether to try Bare Minerals? Get the scientific evaluation from dermatologist Neal Schultz about why mineral make-up is better for your skin.

Bare minerals doesn’t just look natural, feel light and give you the perfect amount of coverage – it has benefits for your skin both long term and short term.

Don’t ‘cake on’ layers of war paint – Feel amazing. Look amazing.