Compete in your very own Hunger Games and become Effie Trinket for Halloween!

Halloween is vast approaching and it’s time to gather your ideas and decide what amazing person/thing to morph into this year!

The Hunger Games is such a hot topic right now, becoming the number 1 film in America this year and based on the New York Times best seller trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.

Why not try this simple make-up idea and become the wonderful, elegant Effie Trinket for your Halloween outfit. Her striking make-up, eccentric clothes and backward hair style will never cause confusion as to who you have arrived as.

It’s a current and unique idea guaranteed to set you apart from the regular costumes we see multiple times every single year –  don’t dig out your cat costume for the third year running, that’s just lame!

Silence the room with your amazing Halloween outfit this year and “may the odds be ever in your favor”. You could even put on an English accent for effect (if you don’t already have one!)


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