STOP before you buy Vans – choose Superga instead

Superga are the new shoes on the block – becoming more and more popular every day, especially now Alexa Chung is the creative director.

They are a similar style of shoe to Vans, but in my opinion better quality and a much better investment. They have a thicker sole, a wide range of colours to choose from and are well-made Italian shoes.

I purchased my Superga’s this summer and I have fallen in love with them. Mine are a green/blue and look amazing with jeans or high-waisted jean-shorts and leggings (add leggings under your shorts this time of year as it is getting a wee bit cooler.)

I advise you to choose a bright colour, but something that will match the majority of day-time outfits in your wardrobe. Make your Superga’s your statement piece and allow everyone else to admire them!

Everyone needs a good pair of casual day-time shoes and you are guaranteed to look smart and be ahead of the trend in your very own pair of Superga’s.


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