Ditch trashy, do classy with the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton

In the last year Kate Middleton has taken the UK by storm, becoming a national icon and role model for young women.

She has become the respectable, traditional royal everyone expected but has generated a lot of public interest in the clothes she wears.

Photographed at every single opportunity and event, Kate’s elegant, sophisticated and young style has become not only the talk of London but a global ‘hot topic!’

In today’s society we see women in TV and reality shows dressing and behaving in a disrespectful way in order to gain attention. Kate Middleton uses her position as the Duchess of Cambridge to set a good example for young women, hopefully showing them you don’t have to become like Snooki from Jersey Shore to be successful.

Three things to learn from Kate:

1. Always keep it classy and respectable.

2. When people are looking at you – give them something to talk about (as long as it’s positive.)

3. ‘Less is more’ – be natural and be yourself.

Snooki may get attention for wearing next-to-nothing, binge drinking and hitting the clubs, but ask yourself, is that who you want to be perceived as?

You can turn heads and create an impact keeping it classy, respectable and sophisticated. … You could even try a royal wave!

Keep up with Kate’s style and outfits – they could lead to inspiration for your next purchase.


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