Wear it pink for Breast Cancer month!

October is Breast Cancer month so lets get pretty in pink! We can all have fun raising money and awareness for a good cause, but the seriousness of this fatal disease shouldn’t be ignored.

1 in 8 women will develop Breast Cancer in their life-time. With almost 50,000 cases being diagnosed every year it equals to approximately 130 every day.

As I was searching the web this week (shopping!) … I came across the UK’s Breast Cancer campaign they are promoting for this month. I am encouraging you to raise awareness and take part in this campaign as it is a brilliant idea, doesn’t take up a lot of time and it’s really fun.

Get together with big groups or organisations you are involved in – it could be schools, colleges, church or even work. Arrange to have everyone dress in pink for a day, it can be anything as long as you are wearing something pink! You and all your friends, colleagues or class mates donate money on the day to wear your outfits and then decide which Breast Cancer charity you wish to donate to … it’s as easy as that!

Here are some amazing ideas from the ‘wear it pink’ website on what you can do on your day:

I am thinking about putting a pink streak in my hair for Breast Cancer month, but doing something permanent isn’t necessary – you could just glam up and go all out with pink nails, earrings and a dash of bright pink lip stick!

It’s an opportunity to all get together, have a fun day and potentially change people’s lives. Every penny counts.


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