Tip of the century – Dress for your body shape!

There aren’t many laws in fashion, but dressing for your body shape should definitely be one of them!

We all have different body types, shapes and sizes – what looks good on you, won’t always look good on your friends. Recognizing what your body shape is and what style of clothes will suit your body shape trains the eye to focus on your best features and hide your worst.

It’s like an optical illusion to accentuate your figure and curves in all the right places! All our favorite celebs will do this on a daily basis with the help of their wardrobe experts, but I have a simple and cheap solution …

Take this quiz to find out your body shape. It will tell you your body type is:

  • Apple shape – Heavier around the waist
  • Pear shape – Top heavy
  • Strawberry shape – Bottom heavy
  • Hourglass shape – Fuller bust and bottom with a slim waist
  • Rectangle shape – Straight up and down

Once you have been told your body shape you can get style advice, explaining what would ‘bring out your best features’ and the ‘things to avoid’. You can also click on the blue rectangle and shop for clothes suited to your body type.

Find out the clothes that will accentuate your best features and keep it in mind the next time your shopping. Knowing the style of clothes you should be staying away from could shave a lot of time off shopping trips and stop you coming home with clothes that don’t suit your shape.


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