Everyone needs a bloomin blazer!

A blazer is an amazing way to look smart and bang on trend at the same time. Combined with skinny jeans and heels, a blazer outfit looks chic and sophisticated without having to make much of an effort, easy!

When buying a blazer it is essential to get the right size and make sure it fits properly. You especially don’t want it too big on the shoulders or around your waist – the wrong fit can destroy the outfit. There is always an option of getting it altered or tailored to fit you properly, but it will cost extra.

This casual grey blazer is perfect for a day-time look going to class, lunch with a friend or even out for drinks. Add a plain white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of high-top Converse for a retro look.

If your looking for something stylish and loud… choose this paisley blazer and stand out from the crowd. Combine with a solid black t-shirt, black skinny jeans and chunky black wedge heels.

For going out… this traditional double brested pink blazer over a collar blouse with black skinny jeans and gold heels would look stunning!


2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a bloomin blazer!

  1. I love blazers! I like to pair them with a cute dress, skirt outfit or denim and a cute pear of flats, boots, pumps or sneakers. They can be worn in various ways that’s the beauty of a blazer! Loving your blog you have good taste in fashion from what I can see. I will definitely stay updated with your content!

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