Satchel bags are in…. boarding school is out!

Wearing a satchel this season doesn’t mean your heading off to boarding-school. Satchel-bags are back and making their way out of the class room!

Satchels are a perfect size. They don’t look big or bulky and easily fit all your essentials inside. Fill them with your wallet, phone, and favourite lip gloss for a trip to the mall or out to eat.

Use your new satchel to polish your outfit and tie it together. Bright colours will bring another element to the look and can create an interesting statement piece.

Choose a tan or beige colour satchel if you plan on wearing it with every outfit. I love the detail on this bag – the floral print caught my eye.

Feeling daring? Make this a statement piece and use this metalic snake satchel to turn-heads.

Wear this delicate, sleek satchel for going out – big chunky bags can ruin a classy outfit.

Bring a retro ’70s feel to your outfit and don’t always play-it-safe with a standard shoulder-bag. Let everyone else choose the shoulder-bag. Strive to stand out. Dare to be different.


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