Don’t choose a winter jacket with an expiration date – buy a Barbour

Jackets – like fruit go out of date. They vary every season, changing from long, short, leather, suede, hood, no hood. Can you keep up?

You shouldn’t need to buy a new coat every 6 months to feel fashionable and on-trend. You also don’t need to become a collector – saving every jacket you buy just in case it comes back into fashion and wasting money on something you probably won’t wear again.

I have a simple solution – invest in a Barbour jacket. It is timeless, stylish and diverse.

Barbour encorporates British heritage, specializing in wax jackets with a traditional British style and history. They are practical, warm and waterproof – instantly creating that edge and defining your individual style.

Hang up your old, dated jackets at the back of your closet and make room for a Barbour. There’s no need to ever worry about buying a jacket. Your Barbour will have the same striking impact every season.


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