This season goes crazy for paisley

Paisley print is back in this season, so spice up your wardrobe with your very own twisted tear-drop fashion piece guaranteed to make you stand out.

Paisley print is a MUST HAVE because it looks feminine, pretty and delicate, whilst being bold and giving you that desired edge.
The trick to a successful paisley outfit is to choose one statement piece and put it together with a solid colour.  You want to make sure you stand out for the right reasons and not because you look like your very own abstract painting!

For the casual daytime look choose these paisley skinny jeans with a solid grey or white vest. You can easily dress it up for a date by adding heels, some statement costume jewelry and a dash of red lip-stick!

This button-up shirt with high-waisted jean shorts is perfect for dinner with friends. Add some mega tan wedge heels and matching clutch bag to polish it off.

For the sophisticated style, tuck this delicate paisley tee into a high-waisted black pencil skirt with some black stilettos. This outfit needs no accessories, it will hold its own.


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