Satchel bags are in…. boarding school is out!

Wearing a satchel this season doesn’t mean your heading off to boarding-school. Satchel-bags are back and making their way out of the class room!

Satchels are a perfect size. They don’t look big or bulky and easily fit all your essentials inside. Fill them with your wallet, phone, and favourite lip gloss for a trip to the mall or out to eat.

Use your new satchel to polish your outfit and tie it together. Bright colours will bring another element to the look and can create an interesting statement piece.

Choose a tan or beige colour satchel if you plan on wearing it with every outfit. I love the detail on this bag – the floral print caught my eye.

Feeling daring? Make this a statement piece and use this metalic snake satchel to turn-heads.

Wear this delicate, sleek satchel for going out – big chunky bags can ruin a classy outfit.

Bring a retro ’70s feel to your outfit and don’t always play-it-safe with a standard shoulder-bag. Let everyone else choose the shoulder-bag. Strive to stand out. Dare to be different.


Don’t choose a winter jacket with an expiration date – buy a Barbour

Jackets – like fruit go out of date. They vary every season, changing from long, short, leather, suede, hood, no hood. Can you keep up?

You shouldn’t need to buy a new coat every 6 months to feel fashionable and on-trend. You also don’t need to become a collector – saving every jacket you buy just in case it comes back into fashion and wasting money on something you probably won’t wear again.

I have a simple solution – invest in a Barbour jacket. It is timeless, stylish and diverse.

Barbour encorporates British heritage, specializing in wax jackets with a traditional British style and history. They are practical, warm and waterproof – instantly creating that edge and defining your individual style.

Hang up your old, dated jackets at the back of your closet and make room for a Barbour. There’s no need to ever worry about buying a jacket. Your Barbour will have the same striking impact every season.

Keep cosy with quirky knitwear

Stay cosy and in-style this winter with knitwear that completes any outfit. Big jumpers and cardigans are always popular in the colder months, especially leading up to the festivities of Christmas and the New Year.

When choosing knitwear, make sure the item is quirky enough to stand alone – no jewelry or accessories. This makes the outfit less restricting as you will always have the potential to dress it up for other occasions.

Try this over-sized long jumper over a denim button-up shirt with skinny jeans or leggings and tan brown ankle boots.

I chose this patterned cardigan as a statement peice, guarenteed to make any outfit more interesting. Put it together with a white t-shirt and some heigh-waisted skinny pants.

This fluffy jumper stands out in all the right ways. Wear over a black button-up shirt, black skinny jeans and some UGG boots for a traditional winter look.

I picked out this plain but stylish casual jumper for when you dont want to make such a loud statement. Add riding pants and high riding boots to complete this polished look.

We all know hoodies and sweatshirts are easy and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean we should live in them. Don’t play the safe card this winter – add diversity and experiment with different styles of jumpers and winter-wear. Who says you can’t look good in lots of layers!

This season goes crazy for paisley

Paisley print is back in this season, so spice up your wardrobe with your very own twisted tear-drop fashion piece guaranteed to make you stand out.

Paisley print is a MUST HAVE because it looks feminine, pretty and delicate, whilst being bold and giving you that desired edge.
The trick to a successful paisley outfit is to choose one statement piece and put it together with a solid colour.  You want to make sure you stand out for the right reasons and not because you look like your very own abstract painting!

For the casual daytime look choose these paisley skinny jeans with a solid grey or white vest. You can easily dress it up for a date by adding heels, some statement costume jewelry and a dash of red lip-stick!

This button-up shirt with high-waisted jean shorts is perfect for dinner with friends. Add some mega tan wedge heels and matching clutch bag to polish it off.

For the sophisticated style, tuck this delicate paisley tee into a high-waisted black pencil skirt with some black stilettos. This outfit needs no accessories, it will hold its own.

Get quirky in seconds with high-top Converse

It’s common to spoil an outfit by what we decide to put on our feet – my dad being a prime example, choosing to rock tan brown loafers with black dress pants on many occasions.

I agree comfort is important, but it isn’t everything. Don’t let a last-minute lapse of thought ruin a potentially cute outfit.

High-top Converse have it all – style, comfort, diversity. Most importantly they bring a dash of quirkiness to any outfit.

Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings, an oversized printed t-shirt and big shades when you’re feeling kinda retro.

Put them with high-waisted shorts and a tucked-in button-up shirt, or even a cute skirt or dress when you dare to stand out!

Invest in a pair of high-top Converse. From $40-$60 you have the essence of any outfit that will force anyone to be looking and admiring your footwear.

Is fashion rocket science?

Dear readers,

Fashion isn’t rocket science, but like homework or paperwork you have to keep on top of it.

This is why me and my British influence are here to make your fashion-life easy. I find the latest trends and must-have items, giving you time to do more important things like buying them.

Get quirky. Dare to be different. Create an edge.

Most importantly… “Keep calm and look amazing!”

Much love,