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Count down to Christmas With an Advent Calendar That Can Smooth, Plump, and Prune Leading Up to Christmas Day – Get a Beauty Calander


I know we find ourselves in December already, but it’s not too late to purchase your Advent Calendar. Pictures and chocolate get boring, and let’s face it, it’s not that exciting; plus, who wants to eat candy first thing in the morning when you open your daily window?

Decide to do something different and exiting this year and purchase a beauty calender. Each day and each window, a new beauty secret to enjoy leading up to the big day.

Yes, these aren’t cheap calendars; however, the value for money is brilliant. If you were to add up the value of each windows beauty surprise, it averages to be around $30-40 cheaper than buying all the products in store.

So why not try something new this year; splash out and treat yourself so that every time you open a window, you are excited for your newest beauty secret, and counting down to one of the best holidays of the year!

Find the beauty calender that suits you; give yourself a treat and make yourself beautiful this Christmas!

Keep Calm and Look Amazing.


Chunky Knit Ideas For Christmas Day and Night – Christmas Traditions and Food!

ZX MG_001_LRStruggling to decide what outfit to wear for Christmas day and evening?

A chunky knit is a diverse statement piece you can dress up, or dress down for Christmas this year to adapt to the occasion.

For a vintage-style day-time look, wear your chunky knit with a midi skirt (just below the knee), boots, and an over-sized bag.

Another more casual day-time look is matching your chunky knit to some light washed jeans, layer up with a patterned shawl over the top, and add boots.

For an evening look, add leather leggings, killer heels, statement jewelry, and a leather clutch bag.

Watch this Marks and Spencer video to see where these looks originated from:

Once you have your Christmas outfit figured out, you can concentrate on what I consider to be the most important aspects of the Christmas holiday: family traditions, and food.

I fly home every year to spend time with my family, and to experience my Auntie’s amazing Christmas dinner. My family has many traditions, and I love it; it is what I look forward to for months before my return. We spend Christmas day, Boxing day (the day after Christmas), and New Years Eve and Day together, eating, sleeping, doing quizzes, and watching movies.

Z Christmas dinner

The holiday food eaten in the UK and the US is very different. In America (Kansas), meals usually consist of: Turkey, Ham, Bread rolls, corn, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato salad, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, stuffing, pasta salad, yams, and deviled eggs. Deserts include many different types of pie (apple, peach, pumpkin, chocolate), and cookies or cheesecake.

ZX ChristmasDinner-Rex

In England we eat: Turkey, different types of stuffing, pigs in blankets, corn, peas, carrots, brussels sprouts, fried parsnips, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, dark gravy, and bread and butter. Desserts include: Christmas pudding, mince pies, meringue nests, trifle, chocolate yule log, brandy butter or brandy cream, and cheese and crackers.

For more information on the traditional differences between the UK and US read this article by BBC America:


Look amazing, feel amazing, and eat something amazing this Christmas, whether you’re tucking into green bean casserole and pie, or Yorkshire puddings and trifle.

Ankle Sock Trend – Put Your Best Foot Forward With Loafers and Black Ankle Socks


Adding a quirky dimension to your outfit can be as simple as pairing a loafer with a black ankle sock.

A cropped trouser or midi length skirt (just below the knee) are bang on trend for this Fall, and what better way to sharpen this look than to add an ankle sock; it gives an instant elegant, sophisticated, unique edge to your outfit, and keeps those ankles free from the cold.

The trick with this look is to maintain the sophistication; if it feels like school uniform  from 1997, or the Brittany Spears video, it probably is.

With the perfect “on trend” outfit; a cropped trouser, midi length skirt, or even a dress, add loafers and your ultimate statement piece, the black ankle socks.

Tights or bare legs aren’t your only option this Fall, so rather than being too hot or too cold, choose an ankle sock and create a comfortable, distinctive aspect to your next outfit.

Plain Ankle Socks – 


Fishnet Ankle Socks – 


Frill Ankle Socks – 


Bow Ankle Socks – 


Choose your bottoms. Choose your loafer, and add your ankle sock!

Dare to be different. Look Amazing.

Get Christmas-Style Flats For The Holidays – Comfort and Christmas Combined!

ZC rihanna_light_pink_chiffon_dre

Z lily-allen_glamour_25jun13_rex_b_592x888

There’s nothing wrong with wearing flats to a party, and Christmas is no different! So why not make your shoes the statement piece of your Holiday bash? Create the perfect quirky outfit by combining your evening dress with Christmas-style Converse, or Superga shoes. The contrast between the formality of a sparkly Christmas dress, and the casual high tops or low tops gives a unique edge to your look, and allows your shoes to become your statement piece. You can also wear your new flats for day-time outfits as well as evening!

If Rihanna and Lily Allen can do it, why not give it a try?

Sequin High-Top Converse – 

Z SPARKLE CONVERSE 545007C_standard

Tartan High-Top Converse – 


Snowflake High-Top Converse – 

Z  CONVERSE SNOW 532135C_shot1

Gold Metallic Superga – 


Silver Metallic Superga – 


Gold and matte Superga – 


Brown and Gold Superga – 


Make it Quirky. Keep the contrast. Stay Amazing.

10 Ways to start the Party – Lily Aldridge Christmas Party Fashion 2014


Looking for the perfect Christmas outfit? I have found the website for you! Lily Aldridge’s Christmas Party Shop Collection is stunning, affordable, and filled with diverse styles and looks for many body types and preferences. You can search for Lace, red, sequin, cute, and bodycon style dresses, as well as shoes, underwear, accessories and beauty. You can find it all in Lily’s new collection. Find the perfect shape, style, and size from this on trend, classy collection and be the show stopper of the party.

Go Glam this Christmas. Look Amazing. Feel Amazing. Be Amazing.

Z lily-aldridge-nelly-new-icons-2014-06Z lily-aldridge-nelly-new-icons-2014-02

Here are Lily’s ten tips for Christmas Parties:

1. Nap With Power

2. Messy Hair That Doesn’t Care

3. Glam Up with Make Up

4. Get Your Grove On

5. More is More

6. The Perfect Dress

7. Take Your Best Selfie

8. Smile Like You Mean it

9. Turn Up the Volume

10. Walk the Walk

Find your perfect Christmas evening outfit here: http://nelly.com/ww/the-party-shop-campaign-2109/

Christmas Means Sweaters (Jumpers); Ugly or Not – Purchase Yours Just in Time for the Holiday Parties!


Christmas means cold weather and holiday parties, so what better way to stay warm and stylish than to purchase a new Christmas sweater?

When choosing a Christmas sweater you have two types: Quirky and Ugly, or Sweet and Stylish. You don’t have to limit yourself to one, but wearing the appropriate sweater for the occasion is essential.

Quirky and Ugly sweaters are perfect for Christmas parties, festivities, and events. They can act as a great conversation starter, and help you to stand out for the right reasons. It shows you are having fun, and are confident, but quirky. You could even wear an ugly Christmas sweater over a party dress for the perfect balance between class and quaint.

Sweet and Stylish Sweaters are ideal for daytime outfits; coffee dates, shopping sprees, and girls nights in. Wear with leggings, boots, and an over-sized bag for the perfect winter look.

Stay warm and cute this Christmas; Sweet and Stylish, or Quirky and Ugly.

Sweet and stylish – Create a Dazzling Daytime Outfit.

Red and White Patterned Sweater – 


Snowman Sweater – 


White Patterned Sweater – 


Red  Reindeer Cardigan – 


Quirky and Ugly – Festive party ideas combining classy and quaint.

Polar Bear Sweater – 


Mr and Mrs Santa Sweater – 


Penguin Sweater – 


Mickey Sweater – 

z micky

For other Ugly Sweater, or Ugly Christmas outfit ideas, watch the videos below:

Ugly Christmas Sweaters –

Ugly Christmas Skirt –

Keep Calm. Keep Warm, and Look Amazing. Happy Christmas!

Festive Felines, Canines and Small Animals – Christmas Outfits and Collars for Your Furry Friends!


Pets are an important part of our lives, so why can’t they look amazing this Christmas too?

PetSmart have a wide variety of holiday outfits and collars for dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs; treat them to a Christmas themed look and get in the holiday spirit.

Allow your furry friend to look adorable this year, and they are guaranteed to become the talk of the table.

I bought my 7 month old kitten, Sapphire, a Christmas cape and collar. She has had nothing but compliments from my friends and family ever since. Even though it took her a little while to get used to it, after a few hours wearing it, she happily wanders around, and has even posed and fallen asleep in it!

What better way to get festive than to purchase a Christmas outfit or collar for your Furry friend?

Dress your pet to impress this Christmas and you can both look amazing!

Sapphire’s Look – Christmas Cape and Bow Collar


Collars – 

Z COLLARZ collar 5Z COLLAR 2z collar 4

Dog – 

Z RAINDEER DOGdog sweater

Guinea Pig –  

z guinie pigguinie pig 2

Keep Calm and Look Adorable z paw

Keep Calm Look Amazing on the Golf Course Part 2

All you need to do is Dress Smart, Play Smart, and Act Smart to be an amazing golfer; you can even wear a festive themed Christmas jumper to play!

Conducting yourself on the golf course is just as important as looking good or playing good; if you’re out there throwing clubs around, people aren’t going to think you “Keep Calm and Look Amazing.”

When I was 12, I remember a distinct conversation with my Dad on the 3rd hole of my home golf course; we were just practicing. He said, “If I ever see you throw a golf club I will drag you off the course. I don’t care how old you are, or who’s watching.” To this day, I have never thrown a golf club (well, the one in the video is my first, and I didn’t do it very well!)

Enjoy the adorable images of my kitten, Sapphire in her festive cape and collar. I couldn’t take her onto the golf course with me, but she does look amazing regardless.

Dress Smart. Play Smart. Look Smart.

1416755691786 1416719339894 Snapchat-818384369617761331 1416719387815 Snapchat-29616442085218134521416755620323

Keep Calm and Look Amazing on the Golf Course!